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5 of The Best Augmented Reality Advertising Campaign (ads) by World’s Most Admired Companies To Make Your Eyes Amazed From Beginning Till End: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 6/01/18Last week, I had discussed about the difference between AR vs VR. Also, you must be familiar with various applications of Augmented Reality in areas like education and marketing. Today, I will discuss about another important utilization of AR. Yes! It’s about the use of Augmented Reality in advertising. Also, after going through the article, you will be amazed to know that many world-famous companies use Augmented Reality ads for their marketing campaigns. In fact, Augmented reality makes the ads unforgettable to people. Furthermore, applications like WOWSOME help companies to infuse Augmented reality in their printed advertisements. And, you can just scan the advertisement Continue Reading –>