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Start Augmented Reality App Development Like A True Professional Immediately With The Help of These 5 Tools: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 27/01/18Undoubtedly, you must have used various Augmented Reality Apps. And, I know you love the amazing Augmented reality experience that they provide to you. But, how about the idea of developing AR Apps by your own. Yes! you read it correctly. Even if you don’t have the coding skills, you can still develop AR Apps by your own. And, there are a number of tools available to assist you. Today, I will discuss few user-friendly tools that you can use for developing your desired AR Apps. Thus, just try any of the tools from below list and feel like a Continue Reading –>

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5 Best Augmented Reality Games Like Pokemon Go for Android/ iPhone Worth Installing Soon on Your Mobile And Immediately Add The Wow! Feeling: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 31/01/18Are you feeling exhausted with your routine work? Then, Augmented Reality can make you feel relaxed. Today, I will discuss the use of Augmented Reality in video games. Yes, Augmented Reality games can immediately add the wow! feeling to your Android / iPhone. Nevertheless to mention that, you would love to play these AR games in your leisure time. So, can you name any Augmented Reality game? Yes, you are absolutely correct! Pokémon Go is one of the most popular AR games. And, I know that you have already enjoyed this fantastic video game. Wait, I have few more Continue Reading –>

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5 of The Best Augmented Reality Advertising Campaign (ads) by World’s Most Admired Companies To Make Your Eyes Amazed From Beginning Till End: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 27/01/18Last week, I had discussed about the difference between AR vs VR. Also, you must be familiar with various applications of Augmented Reality in areas like education and marketing. Today, I will discuss about another important utilization of AR. Yes! It’s about the use of Augmented Reality in advertising. Also, after going through the article, you will be amazed to know that many world-famous companies use Augmented Reality campaigns for their marketing strategies. In fact, utilizing Augmented reality campaigns they make their brand/product name unforgettable for people. Furthermore, applications like WOWSOME help companies to infuse Augmented reality in their printed advertisements. And, Continue Reading –>

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Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality (AR vs VR)- 5 Realistic Comparison of The Two Future Technologies You Must be Aware of in This Digital Era | Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 27/01/18In this digital era, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the two prominent terminologies that you hear frequently. And, each one of them is capable of bringing the technological revolution in this digital world. But, one of the biggest puzzle is to differentiate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.  In this post, I will help you to solve this puzzle with clear understanding of each term VR & AR. So, go ahead and enjoy the battle Augmented vs Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality Well, before proceeding into technicality, I will first explain the literal meaning of each term. Augmented means Enhanced and Continue Reading –>

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5 Most Innovative Augmented Reality Companies Which Can be Immediately Seen as One of The Top Player in The Golden Era of Technology Revolution: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 27/01/18As a regular visitor of my blog, you must be well aware with the term “Augmented Reality”. For a newcomer, Augmented Reality (AR) infuse virtual contents into your physical world and that too in the real-time. Due to the recent advancement in hardware and smart phone technologies, AR is slowly gaining momentum. And, many companies are using Augmented Reality in their products and solve various practical problems. While many Augmented Reality Companies were predicted their bright future a long time ago, others have started very recently to make their hands dirty with AR. These companies play a major role to spread the Continue Reading –>