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Read All about Microsoft Augmented Reality in Next 15 Minutes And Wear HoloLens To Feel it Immediately With Your Eyes: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 29/10/17You must have used Augmented Reality in your Android or iPhone. But, do you know that Microsoft is also in this technological race. Yes! I am absolutely correct. And, for next 15 minutes, you will get a fantastic brief summary about Microsoft Augmented Reality. Furthermore, I will also explain about some related terminologies (e.g. Windows Holographic, Microsoft Hologram and  Holoportation) that you usually find in recent news. The A-Z of Microsoft Augmented Reality Google is majorly concentrated on utilization of Augmented reality in Mobile devices. But, unlike Google, Microsoft is more keen to infuse this technology in its Windows platform. And, it has already implemented Augmented reality with its well-known Continue Reading –>

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5 Reasons to Buy Google Augmented Reality Tango Smartphone Immediately Even Before Your Friends Start Hearing about Lenovo Phab 2 Pro or Asus Zenfone AR: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 5/10/17Are you looking for a brand new smart-phone? Then, you must opt for something new and innovative, like a project Tango smartphone with Google Augmented Reality! Yes, smartphones like Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and Asus Zenfone AR will definitely redefine your perception about mobile phones. I know, you must have heard about Augmented Reality. It does the real-time integration of digital and virtual elements. And, usefulness of it has already proved in various field like, education, sales & marketing, training etc. Furthermore, a number of AR Apps are also available for Android / iPhone. But, if this is the case and you can enjoy the Google Augmented Continue Reading –>

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6 of The Must-have Augmented Reality Apps For Education on Android/ iPhone That Can Redefine Your Mobile as A Highly Effective Learning Hand-Held Device: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 3/10/17Are you searching for some awful Augmented Reality Apps for Education? In my earlier post, I have explained the role of Augmented Reality in the educational field. Today, I will discuss some extremely useful Augmented Reality education apps for Android / iPhone. These applications will provide you a completely new experience of Augmented Reality. Education will become more interactive for you. And, you will always be tempted to learn new things. Moreover, by exploring these Augmented Reality Apps for Education, you will come to know that it can redefine your mobile as a highly effective learning hand-held device. Below is a Continue Reading –>

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7 Creative Ways Augmented Reality in Education can Improve Student Engagement in The Classroom And Turning Him/Her Brighter Day by Day: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 13/10/17Whether you are a teacher, a student or a simple working person, you must have heard one proverb “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember, Involve me, I’ll understand”. This is not just a proverb rather it holds true for each one of us. But, how do you increase the involvement? Also, for teachers one question is always in their mind:- How to increase student engagement in the classroom? Through a number of ways you can improve student engagement in the classroom. Implementing Augmented Reality in Education is one of the best approach you can use. If properly Continue Reading –>

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7 Signs Mixed Reality is a Secret Game Changer Technology for Tech Startups: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 30/09/17Mixed reality ! Again a new terminology from the recent technological news. If you read my earlier posts, you must be aware of a very similar term, Augmented reality (AR). Today, I will discuss Mixed reality. And, I will let you know that how Mixed reality (MR) is a game-changing technology for tech startups like Magic Leap. First of all, I will explain two basic questions:- 1. What is Mixed reality? And 2. What’s the difference between Virtual reality, Augmented reality and Mixed reality? As the name suggest, Mixed reality (MR) is the merging (marriage) of Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR). Sometimes, Continue Reading –>