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Augmented reality Marketing Strategies: e-commerce definition tweaked

Last updated: 24/08/17You must have heard that technology is our best friend. Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, use of latest technology is must. Augmented reality (AR) is one of the key technology of near future. Marketers have already started implementing AR marketing in their business strategy. Today, I will explain about Augmented reality marketing strategies. You will come to know that how AR marketing really helps any business to grow globally. I guess, you must have heard the term Augmented reality (AR) in the recent technological news. For a newcomer, Augmented reality is a technology which enhances your real world by overlaying useful digital information on Continue Reading –>

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7 Best Augmented reality Apps for Android / iPhone: Worth to Install

Last updated: 7/11/17Searching for Augmented reality apps for your Android mobile or iPhone? I have one awesome list of 7 best Augmented reality apps for you. Just install any AR app from below list and it would definitely make your technological world more beautiful and enhanced (augmented). In my earlier post, I had explained about Augmented reality. Also, you know that this technology is not just a sci-fi term, rather it actually exists in your real world. Today, I will discuss about practical applications of it using some of the best AR Apps. You will come to know that how you can utilize these Augmented reality applications on your Android/iPhone. Although a number of Augmented reality apps for Continue Reading –>

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7 Amazing Facts about Augmented Reality: Your Tech World

Last updated: 9/12/17Augmented reality (AR) is a hot topic in recent technological news. You must have heard this wonderful word. For the majority of people, AR is still not so well known field. But, it’s on a right path to gain more interest and popularity among new technologies. Don’t you think this is an emerging technology that deserve your attention? Today, I will discuss basics of Augmented reality. Also, I will tell you some interesting facts about Augmented reality. Furthermore, this article will answer all queries generating in your mind like Augmented reality definition, where its being really used?, key components of Augmented Reality technology, working principle of AR, Continue Reading –>