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Aisle411: An Augmented Reality Leader in Indoor Positioning That Helps You to Immediately Locate Your Favourite Product in Retail Stores | Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 6/01/18I know that you love shopping but at the same time, always hate the waste of time consumed to locate your desired product in a retail store. Well, Augmented Reality can help you to come out from this problem. Yes, Aisle411 has realized the same and provide a very innovative solution to locate your favourite product in a huge retail store by just using your Smart-phone. So, in today’s blog post, I have decided to introduce Aisle411, one of the market leader in indoor positioning using Augmented Reality. Aisle411: An Augmented Reality Leader in Indoor Location Tracking If I am not wrong, while travelling outside, you love to take assistance Continue Reading –>

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5 Most Innovative Augmented Reality Companies Which Can be Immediately Seen as One of The Top Player in The Golden Era of Technology Revolution: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 6/01/18As a regular visitor of my blog, you must be well aware with the term “Augmented Reality”. For a newcomer, Augmented Reality (AR) infuse virtual contents into your physical world and that too in the real-time. Due to the recent advancement in hardware and smart phone technologies, AR is slowly gaining momentum. And, many companies are using Augmented Reality in their products and solve various practical problems. While many Augmented Reality Companies were predicted their bright future a long time ago, others have started very recently to make their hands dirty with AR. These companies play a major role to spread the Continue Reading –>