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Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality (AR vs VR)- 5 Realistic Comparison of The Two Future Technologies You Must be Aware of in This Digital Era | Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 15/05/17In this digital era, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the two prominent terminologies that you hear frequently. And, each one of them is  capable of bringing the technological revolution in this digital world. But, one of the biggest puzzle is to differentiate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.  In this post, I will help you to solve this puzzle with clear understanding of each term. So, go ahead and learn the difference between Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality Well, before proceeding into technicality, I will first explain the literal meaning of each term. Augmented means Enhanced and Continue Reading –>

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5 Most Innovative Augmented Reality Companies Which Can be Immediately Seen as One of The Top Player in The Golden Era of Technology Revolution: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 15/05/17As a regular visitor of my blog, you must be well aware with the term “Augmented Reality”. For a newcomer, Augmented Reality (AR) infuse virtual contents into your physical world and that too in the real-time. Due to the recent advancement in hardware and smart phone technologies, AR is slowly gaining momentum. And, many companies are using Augmented Reality in their products and solve various practical problems. While many Augmented Reality Companies were predicted their bright future a long time ago, others have started very recently to make their hands dirty with AR. These companies play a major role to spread the Continue Reading –>

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5 of The Things You Must Learn About Augmented Reality Cards Even Before Start Thinking to Consider it for Your Business or in Christmas Greetings: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 15/05/17Do you use business cards? Yes, definitely you should use it for your business trip or meetings. But, don’t you think your business card is just a rectangular piece of paper for many people you meet. OK, let me tell you two major reasons for that. 1) Your Business card is not having enough information on it. And, 2) Your Business card is not different from others. I know, it must be very difficult for you to put a lot of information on that tiny piece of paper. Augmented Reality Cards can easily solve your problem. But, wait! before coming to any conclusion, Continue Reading –>

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Augmented Reality in Retail And Amazon Go, A Future Grocery Store For Those Who Don’t Like to Face The Long Checkout Lines During Their Shopping: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 15/05/17Have you ever thought that Augmented Reality could help you to buy groceries from your nearby retail stores? Yes, I am talking about that supermarket-shop, you usually visit for your grocery and other needs. Today, I will discuss about the use of Augmented Reality in Retail. Furthermore, I will also introduce Amazon Go, the future of Grocery Stores from the well-known e-commerce Giant, Amazon. What exactly is Augmented Reality in Retail? You must know that Augmented reality is the real-time merging of the realistic virtual objects on to the real world objects. Whether you are a purchaser or a retailer, Augmented Reality in Continue Reading –>

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Read All about Microsoft Augmented Reality in Next 15 Minutes And Wear HoloLens To Feel it Immediately With Your Eyes: Augrealitypedia

Last updated: 15/05/17You must have used Augmented Reality in your Android or iPhone. But, do you know that Microsoft is also in this technological race. Yes! I am absolutely correct. And, for next 15 minutes, you will get a fantastic brief summary about Microsoft Augmented Reality. Furthermore, I will also explain about some related terminologies (e.g. Windows Holographic, Microsoft Hologram and  Holoportation) that you usually find in recent news. The A-Z of Microsoft Augmented Reality Google is majorly concentrated on utilization of Augmented reality in Mobile devices. But, unlike Google, Microsoft is more keen to infuse this technology in its Windows platform. And, it has already implemented Augmented reality with its well-known Continue Reading –>